There is no substitute for the human hands, at Herschede no short cuts were taken, the clocks had to be perfect!


"Lord Through  This Hour ,

Be Thou Our Guide,

So By Thy Power,

No  Feet Shall Slide"


St. Mary's Cathedral London



A dedication to the people of Starkville


The help and cooperation we have received in gathering research information, dedication and historical fact finding mission is accredited to the people of Starkville, Mississippi; who worked at the Herschede Hall Clock Company.  Without their help and assistance, this preservation of history would not have been possible. 

This dedication is in recognition of those, whose hands labored with love in bringing to life the most phenomenal  clocks on the planet.  As a result, you created beauty into art.  You have not been forgotten. 

In Recognition of their faithful contribution to American History.....


The Herschede Hall Clock  Company of Starkville, Mississippi  and it's employees 1960-1984.  With much admiration and gratitude, Acknowledgement is greatly given to: 





To: Lady Sandra - Sandra Lynn Franks Scarbrough.  Thank you for the 12 years you spent at Herschede; from 1972-1984.  You played an extremely significant  role as Inspector and Final Adjuster during some of the most important years at the Herschede Hall Clock Company.  The love and passion you have for the Herschede Clocks was evident as you laid your hands upon each clock to inspect for perfection.  Your personal contribution and dedication to Herschede is hereby recognized and will forever be a part of American Clock History.  A special thank you to your husband Johnny Scarbrough and also Billy Scarbrough for their contribution to Herschede. 


Left: Karmen Mackenzee Stricklin (Granddaughter of Sandra) October 2010

"Each Clock was made by hand with Love and we all had pride in them."

"A fantastic piece of art."

                                                                              Sandra Scarbrough

Sturgis, Mississippi




Mr. James Evans and Mrs. Thelma Evans

To the Evans family - James and Thelma. James your dedication and lifetime commitment to Herschede Hall Clock and Motor-Guide is recognized today. A long overdue, "Thank You". What appeared to be the least duty turns out to be the most important. From Richard Herschede Sr.'s landscape  to the maintenance duties at the factory. The clocks would not have been without you. Thank you Mr. James H. Evans of Starkville, Mississippi. James started with Herschede in 1963 and spent 37 years dedicating his life to the Company.

With Sincere Gratitude For All You Have Done,

Thank You, Mr. E


Thelma Evans, with great appreciation we recognize you for your dedication to the Herschede Hall Clock Company. Your involvement in the finishing department and the shipping department deserves acknowledgement. How magnificent it is that you were one of the first African American women to be employed at Herschede. Not only are you an element of American Clock History but also American History. Thelma began her employment with Herschede in 1969.

"My job was to be sure the clocks were as perfect as perfect could be."

Mrs. Thelma Evans

Starkville, Mississippi




William Terry Harpole beginning your career at Herschede in 1967, you provided superior service in the Wood Shop, Finishing Department and the Machine Shop until 1978. At this time we would like express our great appreciation for your contribution  to Herschede in the 11 years you were employed there. The love you have for Herschede is magnificent! Thank you for opening your heart and mind and sharing your Herschede experience with us. You will now and always be a part of history. 

"The Clocks were my favorite."

"You were doing something people really appreciated and liked."

William T. Harpole

Maben, Mississippi




Ella R. Jenkins, thank you for the years of dedication to Herschede as you worked in the Cabinet Sanding Department. Your hands will continue to forward the sands of time. You and all of the hard working people who shared the love for the labor that brought the Herschede Hall Clocks to life are not forgotten. You have participated in a time in American Clock History that will never be repeated.

"The quality of the Clocks was great."

Ella R. Jenkins

Starkville, Mississippi











Dan Usher of Covenant and Ella R. Jenkins

October 2010

"The designs of the clocks were unique."

                                     Ella R. Jenkins


Herschede Hall Clock Company Employee badge, preserved by Ella Jenkins.



Below are some photos of the Herschede Factory; Starkville, Mississippi.







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Not all the gold in the world can retrieve one minute that has passed by at the Herschede Hall Clock Company.


Herschede....... Gold Medal Winning Clocks 1885-1984 




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