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A dedication to the people of Starkville


The help and cooperation we have received in gathering research information, dedication and historical fact finding mission is accredited to the people of Starkville, Mississippi; who worked at the Herschede Hall Clock Company.  Without their help and assistance, this preservation of history would not have been possible. 

This dedication is in recognition of those, whose hands labored with love in bringing to life the most phenomenal  clocks on the planet.  As a result, you created beauty into art.  You have not been forgotten. 

In Recognition of their faithful contribution to American History.....


The Herschede Hall Clock  Company of Starkville, Mississippi  and it's employees 1960-1984.  With much admiration and gratitude, Acknowledgement is greatly given to: 



During our Covenant fact finding investigation regarding the Herschede Hall Clock Company,  there was one lady in particular that was mentioned repeatedly.  From Cincinnati, Ohio to Starkville, Mississippi.  We heard so many wonderful stories about her, especially her generous dedication and contribution of a life time of work at Herschede.  As our third visit to Starkville blossomed, our knowledge and interest of her continued to grow.  Our investigation revealed that Miss Bertha Mae Rago was the most important element in Herschede Hall Clock History.  Every interview that we conducted supported this fact.  It is an honor and a privilege for Covenant Clock Restorations Company to place her legacy in the rightful place in Herschede History.   With much admiration and honor, we would like to pay tribute to this most wonderful person in the Herschede Hall Clock Company History.

On behalf of Covenant in Portland, Oregon we now take this opportunity to commend you for your life long commitment and dedication to Walter Herschede and Richard Herschede Sr. and of course the Herschede Hall Clock Company.  We say Thank You Miss Bertha, for everything!




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Your hands filled the world with music.  Thank you Miss Bertha.


In Loving Memory of Bertha Mae Rago.

March 11, 1900 - Jan. 19, 1988


Covenant team Member Dan Usher: October 2010 at Memorial Gardens Cemetery Oktibbeha County in Starkville Mississippi, The Memorial Site for Bertha Mae Rago.




Only Herschede could have made "The Clock", the world's finest Grandfather Clock.  An exquisite nine tubular bell movement.  A hand engraved, gold plated dial.  Although George Drinkuth retired at the age of  87, from hand piercing the Herschede dials, the Herschede Hall Clock Company continued to have him engrave the dials at his home.  George Drinkuth's hands brought beauty to the world and he passed this gift on to the chosen dial engravers at the Herschede Hall Clock Company.  A machine or an amateur can not match a master craftsman's individuality.  There were no short cuts at Herschede and there is no substitute for the human hand.  George Drinkuth was a prime example of this truth.  When we look at the Herschede dial, we think of Mr. George Drinkuth.  Recognized today for his service and his golden hands.  He will always be remembered.

In Loving Memory of George Drinkuth. The man with the golden hands.





Starkville visit to Covenant 2010....... A preview of the future House Of Herschede  of  Portland, Oregon the City of Roses


In 2010 Mr. John Robert Arnold of Starkville, Mississippi brought a tour bus of people to catch a preview of what the future House of Herschede will look like. Below are some photos of that visit and some facts of future plans.


We would like to thank the people of Starkville, Mississippi 

Bus arrived at Covenant. Left to Right: Steve Usher Covenant team member, Dan Usher of Herschede Program team member, John Robert Arnold of past Arnold Industries, Jim Cameron of  CWC Charters of  Mt. Vernon, Washington, and unknown.

Covenant is looking for the ideal property to open the Herschede Museum.


Left: Jim Cameron speaking with John Robert Arnold regarding the "THE CLOCK" by Herschede. Mr. Arnold explained from what he was observing how wonderful it will be to have the clocks one day preserved into history .

Covenant will be displaying and selecting models for the museum they will not be for sale the display will be the only one of it's kind in the world. The Museum and program's  objective is to give honor that is due to all of the employees of the Herschede Hall Clock company of Starkville, Mississippi and foremost to preserve the Herschede history.


John Robert in  shop explaining the memories of the Herschede Hall Clock Co. and the stands for the movements as displayed here.

Covenant Herschede program consists of extreme technical restorations of perfecting the Herschede movements including the refinishing of plates. The movements are actually placed back to new condition. Herschede owners from across the entire United States have their movements restored at Covenant. Most of the movements and clocks are delivered across the USA.


Steve Usher shaking Hands with John Robert Arnold. Mr. Arnold commended Steve for the Herschede program and the future plans.

Covenant has a collective lifetime experience in Herschede Hall Clocks and restorations of the worlds finest time pieces. This experience has been passed on by three generations. Steve Usher, says it takes a stubborn perfectionist to restore a Herschede clock. This allows a guarantee the work will be done correctly with no short cuts taken. His work is committed accordingly to place the legacy of Herschede in history.      



Showroom template of the future House of Herschede 

Covenant will be displaying  an array of clocks from Herschede consisting and preserving the First, Second, Third and Fourth generations of Herschede Hall Clock History.




Mr. Steve Usher  and Mr. John Robert Arnold.


Beauty into Art Clocks By Herschede



John Robert Arnold pictured here with the signed "The Clock" this clock will be displayed in the future museum and will not be for sale.


Years of preparation in selecting the clocks By Herschede.


Years of preparation in selecting the clocks By Herschede.

Clocks By Herschede......... preservation of History By Covenant


Left: Dan Usher,  Herschede team member with the fifth visit with Mr. Arnold

John Robert Arnold and Steve Usher pictured in rear. John Robert Arnold was examining the finishing of the plates after Steve presented the importance of the quality of a Herschede movement restoration. John Robert was able to see first hand that Covenant continued the quality that there were no short cuts ever taken at Herschede. The same concept is exercised at Covenant. 

Covenant fully restores Herschede movements and places them back to factory condition. Covenant say's the concept is simple "what other clockmakers who claim to restore these clocks don't understand, we understand and do not ignore". 




If you have any information about the  Herschede Hall Clock Company, worked there or know anyone who did, we would love to hear your story.  Please contact the Herschede Team. E-mail: covenantclocks@hotmail.com  


Not all the gold in the world can retrieve one minute that has passed by at the Herschede Hall Clock Company.




Herschede....... Gold Medal Winning Clocks 1885-1984 





The Worlds Finest Grandfather Hall Clocks


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