"I shall pass this way but once,

Any good therefore, that I can do, let me know it now

Let me not neglect it nor defer it,

For I shall not pass this way again"


Commissioned Exclusively for Herschede



A dedication to the people of Starkville


The help and cooperation we have received in gathering research information, dedication and historical fact finding mission is accredited to the people of Starkville, Mississippi; who worked at the Herschede Hall Clock Company.  Without their help and assistance, this preservation of history would not have been possible. 

This dedication is in recognition of those, whose hands labored with love in bringing to life the most phenomenal  clocks on the planet.  As a result, you created beauty into art.  You have not been forgotten. 

In Recognition of their faithful contribution to American History.....


The Herschede Hall Clock  Company of Starkville, Mississippi  and it's employees 1960-1984.  With much admiration and gratitude, Acknowledgement is greatly given to: 



From left to right: Stuart Vance-Sales, Ed Karpinski-Designer, and John Malmo-Marketing and Advertising. 

St. Moritz Hotel in New York City overlooking Central Park.  Presenting the world's finest grandfather clock.  "The Clock"

 With all of it's grace and style  to withstand the test of time.




With Very special thanks to the Herschede family for bringing to life the most phenomenal Grandfather Clocks on this earth.  Acknowledgment is gratefully given to Mr. Richard Herschede Jr. for his assistance and cooperation in preserving American clock history.




Mr. John Robert Arnold, you are officially an element of history.  With your intersession the legacy of Herschede continued to 1984.  We commend you.


First meeting with Mr. Herschede.  Starkville Mississippi 2010.

 From Left to Right: John Robert Arnold, Richard Herschede Jr. and Dan Usher of Covenant.





From left to right: John Robert Arnold and Stuart Vance.

Mr. Stuart Vance, with tremendous admiration we say thank you for your knowledge and dedication to Herschede and for your involvement in bringing us the most beautiful and elegant "The Clock".


Mr. John Robert Arnold





Never was it known the legacy you left behind would be so important to the world.  Nor was it known the elements you left us with will forever forward the hands of time. The dedication, passion and love for Herschede will forever be thanked and your legacy has finally stopped the tears forever. 

In Loving Memory of Jerry Vaughn, Herschede Hall Clock Co.

Maben, Mississippi



Sonja (Sandy) Vaughn, Motorguide


Sonja (Sandy) Vaughn and Cory Vaughn


From left to right:

 Dan Usher, of Covenant, Sandy Vaughn, Sylvia Vaughn. Cory Vaughn


Maben, Mississippi n




Guy Batchelder of Oktibbeha County-Starkville Mississippi.  This dedication which is hereby given to you for your devotion to Herschede and your courage to continue in 1990 with the "revisit to Herschede".  On behalf of Covenant and for the preservation of history, we would like to recognize and thank you for your generous time and life commitment to designing Grandfather Clocks.  Your designs are evidence of a great mind.  Your knowledge and skills have now been recognized.  Today, you will be written into American clock history.  We greatly appreciate your assistance in the preservation of Herschede history.



Guy Batchelder; Herschede's Production Supervisor 1990 Herschede Hall Clock Company: During the Rebirth of an American Classic. "It is a real pleasure, a real joy, to create museum-quality cases with 'old world finishes.'  That kind of quality, which hardly exists any more, is what Herschede is all about." 





The most treasurable time with "The Clock" Thank you Mr. Roy Slater.



Mr. Roy Slater.  We honor you for your eternal knowledge of the Herschede clock movements and your dedication and allegiance to Herschede from Cincinnati, Ohio to Starkville, Mississippi.


Roy and Jean Anita Slater.  Thank you Jean for your contribution to Herschede and for your years of service.




Mr. James McDonald. Words cannot  begin to describe the history behind the clocks your hands have touched over the 23 years you spent with  the  Herschede Hall Clock Company.  Today we give a very special thank you for your dedication.  The work that you have done will forever stay with us.

Sturgis, Mississippi


In Loving Memory of Doris Elizabeth Pee McDonald

Doris Elizabeth Pee McDonald & James Dos McDonald; Husband and Wife, worked at The Herschede Hall Clock Company together. Doris later moved to Motor-Guide. She also dedicated 23 years to Herschede.  You will always be remembered.



Photos taken at the Herschede Hall Clock Co. factory.


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 Herschede Hall Clock Company Plant No. 1 - Season's Greetings.


Picture taken after second interview. Also a special thanks to Mr. McDonald's daughters Margaret McDonald McClelland and Kathy Collier in assisting Covenant with this preservation of history.


"JD" speaking with Dan Usher of Covenant Herschede Research Team. James is explaining to Dan about the Herschede plates and the importance of the holes that were drilled at the factory for years by James McDonald. October of 2010



William (Bill) Rogers. What an awesome experience to have participated in the Herschede Hall Clock drafting department.  Thanks goes to you for the years of 1971-1973 for which you have expressed tremendous pride to have been part of Herschede.



Bostic- Burleson

Helen Bostic-Burleson.  We are grateful for your love of the labor put into assembling the Herschede clock movements.  During your 4 years spent with Herschede between 1970-1974 some of the most magnificent Grandfather Clocks known to man were produced.  How wonderful it is to be part of such an important time in American clock history.




William (Paul) Gordon.  Mr. Gordon has conveyed much love for the labor along with the pride that came with the work that was done at Herschede.  We say thank you for your time spent with Herschede between 1960-1966.


If you have any information about the  Herschede Hall Clock Company, worked there or know anyone who did, we would love to hear your story.  Please contact the Herschede Team.











Not all the gold in the world can retrieve one minute that has passed by at the Herschede Hall Clock Company.




The Worlds Finest Grandfather Hall Clocks


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