For the person who thinks they have everything, think again.... Herschede



The Worlds Finest Grandfather Hall Clocks

 "The Duke of Marlborough"

Model 8861

The best! It doesn't get better than this. An extremely rare Herschede; only 104 were made in 1982. There is no other Herschede like it, The Duke Of Marlborough. A touch of English influence handsomely evident in the stately design of the Duke of Marlborough grandfather clock. Cabinet of rich cherry solids with burl cherry overlays with one inch bevel glass sides and door. Exquisite carvings add a touch of elegance to the beautiful Cerisier Antique finish. Left and right movement side access doors with out of sight storage for door key and winding crank. Dial is pierce, hand engraved with 24k gold finish.  Raised black Arabic numerals and hands, also featuring a small second hand to count off seconds. A choice of three melodies is a feature of Herschede's renown American made nine tubular bell cable wound movement. The Westminster, Whittington, and Canterbury chimes may be changed as desired with striking hour count. Pendulum and weight shells of quality brass lacquered to preserve the finish. A choice of nickel plated or brass tubes, a matter of choice. In addition, there is an option of a custom made three vial pendulum. This Herschede also has the circa 1982 A64 new tooling 9 tubular movement. The Duke of Marlborough was a clock for the centennial celebration of the company, unfortunately Herschede would close its doors before that celebration.

88 1/2" H, 28" W, 17 1/2" D.

Herschede, a symbol of wealth for the elite. Purely American Made.

The Duke of Marlborough, serious inquiries only.




"The Clock"

Model 250

The Worlds Finest Grandfather Hall clock


Herschede Board of Directors set out to build The Finest Grandfather Clock ever made or for that matter the finest known to mankind. Cost was of no consideration. As in all Herschede Clocks, no short cuts were taken. Completely hand made, once completed they were at a loss for words and called it ‘The Clock’, the model 250. It is not a question of conjecture nor a matter of opinion, ‘The Clock’ is in fact the worlds finest Grandfather Hall Clock. It is a clock that has withstood the test of time and highly desired. No two are exactly alike. Each speaks in its own cathedral tone. It’s incomparable cabinet, white mahogany imported from the Gold Coast of Africa, carefully veneered with rare Acacia Burl and/or Spanish Olive Ash Burl.  Accented with over 107 feet of strip brass, all hand cut and mitered. The entire cabinet is finished inside and out. It is in fact the most carefully made Grandfather Hall Clock money can buy. It cannot be compromised nor compared to any other Grandfather Clock antique or new. The world’s finest. Precision crafted completely by hand, born in Starkville, Mississippi.  An exquisite 9 tube, triple-chime movement. Gold plated dial, brass weights, and nickel plated or golden washed chime tubes. 

87”H, 23”W, 15”D.

Herschede, a symbol of wealth for the elite. Purely American Made.


The stunning allure of its aesthetic beauty




“The Haverford”

Model 294


The Haverford is honored as the most Traditionally Rich Herschede Hall Clock ever made. A courtly design reminiscent of the English regency. Crowned with its stately finial, this magnificent cabinet boasts solid and veneers Mahogany with book matched Mahogany overlays. So traditionally rich it is also offered in a beautiful Cherry with Fruitwood finish. Authentic carvings, beveled glass on all three sides, moving moon and gold-plated hand-engraved dial. The sound of the 9 tubular bells of the Haverford triple chimes produce a resonance of tone that cannot be duplicated with rod chimes. Cable-wound tubular bell movements have been the finest clock movements since the turn of the century. Manufactured for over 40 years.  The Haverford was awarded to Richard Herschede Sr.  Certainly the Haverford is a treasure-able clock for family generations to come.

87”H, 24 ¼”W, 14 ¾” D.

Haverford, Truly for the Traditionally Rich home. Purely American Made.


 The only thing that surpasses the beauty of a Herschede is the beauty of owning one




"The Christopher Columbus"

Model 106

An extremely handsome hall clock of Italian design. Named for the intrepid Italian who discovered America. The Christopher Columbus was perhaps the most unique style of all Herschede Hall Clocks; reason being is of the base design. It stands stately and decorative in the home. Fine precious Appalachian Cherry Wood was used to make this cabinet which produces a beautiful contrast of finish and book matched wood. Beveled glass surrounds all three sides which allows for view of full size chime tubes made of finely polished nickel-plated brass or golden washed. This adds immeasurably to the beauty of the clock. Dial is delicately hand pierced and hand engraved. 9 tube, with full lyre pendulum and triple chime movement. Available in both light and dark Cherry Wood and nickel chrome-plated or golden washed chime tubes. This clock speaks in cathedral tones and is the central attention of the home.

86 ½”H, 24”W, 15 1/8” D

Most Handsome, of Elegant Italian Design. Purely American Made.


 In the world of ordinary, there will always be a place for the extraordinary




"The Sheffield"

Model 230


With all the elegance of the 18th Century England, interpreted in George I design. Exquisitely proportioned cabinet of solid and veneers Cherry, paneled in glass on all three sides. The ever popular Sheffield is in a class of its own with its versatile attractive appearance, harmonizing with almost any décor. 9 tubular bells, full lyre pendulum, triple chimes and hand painted functioning moon dial. Hand carved corner spandrels and center ornaments richly 14 K Gold plating. The Sheffield, available in both light and dark Cherry Wood and nickel plated or golden washed chime tubes. It is a beloved companion that radiates warmth and charm throughout your home.

86”H, 24 ½”W, 15”D

Sheffield, Attractive and Harmonizing. Purely American Made.


Herschede luxury grandfather clocks will forever elevate the expectations of the world's most discerning time piece.




"The Edinburgh"

Model 247


The Edinburgh, the most dignified Herschede Grandfather Hall Clock. Considered to be rare and extremely hard to find. Today this clock belongs in the wealthiest of homes to the elite of people. Paneled beautifully with leaded glass door and sides, makes this clock different from all other Herschede clocks. Pediment displays kingly finials on all four corners. Solid and veneers Mahogany cabinet with book-matched Mahogany overlays. Available in light or dark Mahogany, nickel plated or golden washed chime tubes, and lyre or 3 vial pendulum. 9 tube triple-chime movement. Herschede is in fact considered the worlds finest Grandfather Clock and is highly collectable.

86H, 25W, 16D

Dignified and Classic, never to be repeated. Purely American Made.


 The definition of luxury is Herschede and the reflection of American art





"The Wellington"

Model 248

Equal, however not the same as The Edinburgh. Classic Glass work design makes the Wellington its own and just as rare. Elegant clock standing stately. Rich Brown Mahogany with crotch Mahogany overlay re-creates the graceful Sheraton period of English design. Traditional brass inner mullion ornaments the door. Carefully designed and offered in light or dark wood. Breath taking beauty prepared to outlive its owner makes the Wellington one of a kind. There were no shortcuts taken at Herschede and there will never be a substitute for the human hand. Moving moon dial, gold-plated, hand-engraved. 9 tube triple chime. Available in nickel plated or golden washed chime tubes. The Herschede Hall Clock is superior to all Grandfather clocks and is exquisite, for an exquisite home, for an exquisite owner.

86H, 25W, 16D

The Wellington, Elegant and Stately. Purely American Made.


Purely American made, Purely Herschede





"The Virginian"

Model 276

This exquisitely proportioned cabinet is made of Avodire (French-named wood) overlays complement Mahogany solids and veneers, and book matched. This graceful design displays a floral carving on top accentuating Georgian styling. Beveled glass on all three sides, allowing for view of movement and chime tubes. Acid-etched glass door reveals gorgeous three-vial pendulum, standard on the Virginian. 9 tube, triple chime movement. Several to choose from. Hand engraved silver-plated dial. Petite, this beautiful clock is a perfect fit.

79H, 22W, 13 ½” D

The Virginian, with all it’s grace. Purely American Made.


The hall clock is a beloved companion that radiates 

warmth and charm throughout your home




"The Marquis De Lafayette"

Model 117

Named after the French Aristocrat whom assisted George Washington during the American Revolutionary War. This ornate solid Oak case and bonnet not only to be the central attention in any home but to harmonize with any décor. For the rich and elite, French social and design roles in our country are recognized in this elegant grandfather clock of rare design integrity. Paneled in glass on all three sides with separated panels as well. Exceptional hand carvings ornament the cabinet, unlike any other Herschede Hall Clock. 9 tube, triple-chime movement, Moving moon, gold-plated, hand engraved dial. Available in light or dark Oak.

86 ¼”H, 24 ¼”W, 16”D

The Marquis De Lafayette, En tout c'est l'Élégance. Purely American Made.


The clock is an example of American History never to be repeated





"The Whittier"

Model 217


The traditional design richness delivered in this model will bring the home to life. Smaller than its forerunners, yet it speaks in the same cathedral tones. The stateliness of brown solid Mahogany case and Mahogany trim in the Georgian style. Beaded columns, moving moon dial, and of course gold plated hand-engraved dial. 9 tube triple chime. Also available in Fruitwood finished Cherry. It takes a special kind of person to know Herschede clocks and they are a source of tremendous pride to own.                             

80 ½” H, 20 ¾” W, 12 5/8” D

Whittier. Petite, yet traditional elegance. Purely American Made.


The Herschede hall clock is the central attention of the home





"The Alexander Hamilton"

Model 120

The Alexander Hamilton is breath taking. Ownership of this one is pride to the soul. Try to find this model. This one is hard to find, that is a fact. This Herschede is stately, very tall and designed from America's Federal period. This was Herschede's first traceable effort toward American national style. This clock will tower over any piece of furniture in the home not for power but for the central attention of the entire decor. Handsome and exquisite in its true fluted columns separated with brass inserts all hand done. 9 tube, triple-chime movement, moving moon, gold-plated, hand-engraved dial. Yes Herschede is American made, a part of our history that will never be repeated and this model stands proud and tall to deliver this for generations to come.

86 ¾”H, 25 ¾”W, 16 ¼”D.

Majestic! Standing tall "The Alexander Hamilton" Purely American Made.


Herschede is the expression of beauty and harmony to complete your life




"Herschede Tiffany & Co. 1912"

"The Pattern 34"


A nostalgic masterpiece. The elegance of this towering beauty is breath taking. Standing nearly 8 feet this clock is astronomical. Commissioned to Herschede for the Tiffany and Company bearing the Tiffany name on the dial this clock is rare! Made in 1912 cable weight driven, 9 tubular Westminster chime movement, exquisitely proportioned cabinet made of pure dark red mahogany, paneled in beveled glass. The sound of the 9 Tubular Bells of the Tiffany clock produce a superb resonance of tone that cannot be duplicated. Stamped with the Herschede Crown on the Cabinet, signifying authentic Herschede. This clock is made for a large estate mansion, hall or lobby or even a large home. A once in a life time find in excellent condition. Do some home work and try to find this clock? "Pattern 34" five tube available with Herschede crown symphony tubular bells.

7’ 10 ¾” H, 27”W, 17 ¼” D. 

Tiffany, Nostalgic….. Purely American Made.


Timeless Beauty




"The Clairborne"

Model 215

An elegant neo-classical piece. And certainly a center piece for the home. Brown solid Mahogany with glass surrounding all three sides, beaded columns and carved leafing. Simple yet astonishing. Herschede is superior to all grandfather clocks and the Clairborne is a representation of that. Moving moon dial. Gold-plated, hand-engraved dial. 9 tube, triple chime movement. Also available in Fruitwood finished Cherry.

79 7/8 H, 21 7/8 W, 14D

The Clairborne, Central Attention with Beauty. Purely American Made.


Herschede speaks in Cathedral tones





"The Thomas Jefferson"

Model 124

This Thomas Jefferson model is of classic cabinet design which honors one of America's greatest statesmen. Ornate shell carving graces Oak wood solids and veneers. Leaded glass front door with amber corner inserts, beveled side glass. 9 tube, triple chime. The Herschede Hall Clock is superior to all Grandfather clocks and is exquisite for an exquisite home for an exquisite owner.                             

85"H,  23" W, 17 ½” D

Classic, exquisite. Purely American Made.


The world's finest tubular bell clocks





"The William Penn"

Model 103

English design heritage is faithfully reflected in this incomparable hall clock. Named for an Englishman who contributed greatly to the early formation of our nation. Solid Mahogany and Mahogany veneer used in cabinet making. 9 tube, triple chime movement, moving moon dial, hand-engraved, gold-plated dial.        

85 ¾” H, 24 1/8” W, 16 ¾” D

Heritage and Beauty. Purely American Made.


There are no substitutes for the human hands




"The Hernando DeSoto"

Model 112

Equal to the Thomas Jefferson, however worthy of it's name.  A stately grandfather clock signifying the importance of Mediterranean design influence in America. Solid Oak. 9 tube, triple chime movement, moving moon  hand-engraved, gold-plated dial.

86 1/2 H, 26 7/8 W, 17 ¼”D. 

Stately. Purely American Made.


Experience Herschede





"The Herschede Jacques Bell 11 Tube"


The exquisite first generation Herschede. Extremely rare and an example of American History. So rare that it contains the beautiful chimes of The Trinity, St. James, St. Paul, and Norte Dame. Truly a remarkable clock. Solid Honduras Mahogany with outstanding finish. Completely hand made and original. Beveled glass on all three sides. Circa 1900. A symbol of music and time, in unity with one another.                 

88 H, 26 ½” W, 14” D

Instrumentally Rare, One of a Kind Astronomical Movement.


A Symbol of Wealth




"The Petite"

"The Pattern No. 402"

So small, yet so beautiful. And speaks in the same wonderful Cathedral tones as her grand predecessors. A perfect example of American history where mechanical mechanisms operate with electricity. 5 tube, solid Mahogany. Very detailed dial. Mint condition. Extreme antique and very rare. Brought to us by second generation Herschede.

79 ½” H, 18” W, 13 ¼”D

As Powerful as a Saint, American Made............... Herschede


Some day I will shower the earth with flowers

St. Therese of Lisieux, the little flower




"Pattern 86"

Remarkable! For Kings and Queens.  The "Pattern 86" demands the proper home.  Rare as they come, this Herschede is exceptional.  Brought to us by first generation Herschede.  Most were available in 5 and 9 tube.  This one is the extremely rare 7 tube.  The tone and resonance is as though chiming from a Cathedral bell. 

7 ' 8" H, 25 1/4", W 16 3/4" D

Most definitely towering & majestic.  Purely American Made.



Not all the gold in the world can retrieve one minute that has passed

by at the Herschede Hall Clock Company.



The quality found in rich luxury of the traditionally rich grandfather clock is found only in one name, that which is Herschede. We have the only and  largest selection of Herschede clocks in the world so it is important that you deal with an expert when it comes to Herschede. Only the people that can afford Herschede need inquire because lets face it, they are the finest clocks in the world. "Herschede" gold medal award winning clocks from 1885 to 1984.

To the four generations of Herschede who dedicated their lives to making such a fine instrument.  Frank Herschede, Walter Herschede, Richard Herschede Sr. and Richard Herschede Jr.  The world shall treasure all you have given us.

A moment of silence and in memory of Frank and Sadie Herschede of Cincinnati, Ohio, Walter Herschede of Cincinnati, Ohio and Richard Herschede Sr. of Starkville, Mississippi.  In recognition and in honor of Richard Herschede Jr. of Oktibbeha County-Starkville, Mississippi. 


Frank Herschede



Walter Herschede



Richard Herschede Sr.



Richard Herschede Jr.


Herschede....... Gold Medal Winning Clocks 1885-1984 




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